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“If you know your DNA story then you can make better choices to support your health”

Having a DNA test suggests how your body might respond to food. It can give you information about your personal nutrient needs, food intolerances, or possible allergic responses. A DNA test may even suggest predispositions to health conditions and ways to avoid them.

It only has to be done once. A DNA test doesn’t change. Whereas blood, hair, or urine tests only reflect what is happening in your body at a moment in time. The DNA test involves a cheek swab, which is then analysed in the laboratory. Your follow up consultation with me will involve a discussion about diet and lifestyle support for your unique DNA story.

Learn more about yourself and why you do what you do. Choose from my DNA health packages, or contact me for a bespoke package chosen to suit you as an individual. I offer further coaching sessions if needed to help you along your journey to better health.

To support your health I offer suggestions to add foods to your diet; eat more of certain foods; pair certain foods with others; use a food based supplement; take herbs; find ways to include herbs in your diet; change certain behaviours associated with your eating patterns and lifestyle.

Nutrigenomics is the way forward to personalise your diet. Environment plays a huge part in how your genes are expressed. If you know what gene variations you carry then you can use the environment in which you live to support your weaknesses and optimise your strengths. Using nutrients that support your genes and the bacteria in your gut (the microbiome) it is possible to have more years of health (health span). Don’t let chronic conditions define your life!

The Reactor DNA Package

The Reactor DNA package is for you if you suffer with food intolerances and allergies. It includes the nutrient core report, the histamine report and the detoxification report.

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The Insomniac DNA Package

The Insomniac DNA package is for you if you can’t sleep. It includes the nutrient core report, histamine report and nervous system report.

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The Stress Mess DNA Package

The Stress Mess DNA package is for you if you live a busy life and don’t seem to get that relaxation time. It includes the methylation report, the hormone report and the nervous system report.

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The Tired DNA Package

The Tired DNA package is for you if you suffer with fatigue. It includes the methylation report, the nervous report, the metabolic report and the thyroid report.

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The Best DNA Package

The Best DNA package is the package to make you the best version of yourself. It is for you if you are already doing pretty well. But what if you could be doing even better? It includes the methylation report, the detoxification report, the metabolic report, the nervous report; then the nutrient core report, or the athletic report. You decide the focus - do you want to improve general health, or physical achievement?

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The Sports DNA Package

The sports DNA package is for you if you are a keen athlete. It includes the metabolic report, nervous report and the athletics report.

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The Headache DNA Package

The headache DNA package is for you if you suffer badly with headaches. It includes the nervous report, histamine report and the methylation report OR the detoxification report.

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The Methylation DNA Test

The methylation DNA test is a great starting point to support good health. This report can suggest reasons for symptoms such as low energy, dizziness, headaches, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, muscle aches and muscle weaknesses.

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The Dieter DNA Package

The Dieter DNA package is for you if you struggle to loose weight. It includes the nutrient core report, detoxification report and the metabolic report.

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Reactor DNA Package


Insomniac DNA Package


Stress Mess DNA Package


Tired DNA Package


The Best DNA Package


Sports DNA Package


Headache DNA Package


Methylation DNA Test


Dieter DNA Package


What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the study of interactions between genes, nutrients and health. A nutrigenomics test examines DNA to identify variants that can impact your health, but can be supported by diet and lifestyle.

To explain the difference between nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics as defined by ‘Lifecode Gx’ and ‘The Nutrigenomics Institute’ please read the following.

Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression. Nutrients interact with DNA through receptors and this interaction switches genes on or off.

Nutrigenetics is the scientific study of the effects of genetic variation on response to nutrients. In this case variations in genes (polymorphisms), alter how an organism responds to nutrients.

These two terms are often used interchangeably 

What is DNA analysis?

DNA analysis gives information about how your genes vary. We all have slight differences in our genes, called polymorphisms. This is what makes us individuals. Knowing how your genes differ, allows you to work with them and  become the best that you can be. This is the power of nutrigenomics.

How can a DNA test help me?

A DNA test allows a personalised approach to health by looking at the variation in your genes. Recommendations to your diet to support these variations might involve eating more of one food and less of another.

How accurate is the test?

The DNA test is 99.9% accurate, but the interpretation of the results can vary from company to company. Lifecode Gx qualified Nutrigenomics Practitioners ensure accurate, evidence-based, interpretation of results alongside clinically and practically relevant recommendations. This knowledge empowers you to make informed choices.

Do I need to get re-tested?

No, you don’t need do the same test again - as your genes are fixed - your genetic code doesn’t change throughout your lifetime. You may choose to do additional tests in the future to assess different genes.

How long does a DNA test take?

It takes about 6 weeks to receive your test swab, return it and have the results analysed ready for your consultation. Your report (pdf) will become available to you electronically (password protected) once our DNA health package consultation has taken place.

Do you ship worldwide?

DNA test kits can be sent anywhere in the world. Additional charges apply outside the U.K. Please enquire for further information. The charges are invoiced separately.

What is personalised nutrition?

A personal nutrition plan recommends foods specifically for you as an individual. It is based on your genes and how their interaction with the environment presents as physical characteristics and symptoms. Personalised nutrition, as a concept, developed through the knowledge of gene-diet interactions and the influence of diet on the development of conditions such as: diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Do I have a chronic condition?

Chronic conditions are many and varied. They are long lasting and appear to have no cure. Symptoms often develop slowly and are ongoing.  The condition may limit daily activities and impact quality of life. 

Nutritional based chronic disease results from an excess, or deficiency of nutrients. Modern life has resulted in a change in food production methods, a sedentary lifestyle and stress.  As we age our bodies often don’t work as efficiently as they once did and we develop bad habits.

What is Metabolic health?

Our metabolism is the process by which we generate and use energy in the body. It occurs in our cells and uses food as a fuel, primarily glucose. For good metabolic health we need to minimise large glucose swings. Poor metabolic health underlines most chronic diseases.

What is Coaching?

A coach helps you to set goals and works alongside you, helping you to achieve them. Health and well-being can be improved through alterations to diet and lifestyle. In order to do this, it is useful to explore the relationship that you have with food. Many of our associations with food are learnt behaviours that we have developed throughout our lives. By challenging these, we can change our behaviour. Combine this with the knowledge of nutrigenomics and we have a powerful tool for the coaching process.
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I offer a 15 minute free google meet consultation to explain, or help you choose your DNA package. I offer further coaching sessions to support you on your journey. Please email me to arrange an appointment or instant message me through instagram or facebook