The Methylation DNA Test

price for the Methylation DNA test

The Methylation DNA test includes 1 huge report and a 60 minute analysis of your results by me, including answering any questions that you may have. This support is available online with a google meet call. 

  • Lifecode DNA test kit
  • DNA test includes 1 report - the methylation report 
  • 60 minutes google meet call
  • Total cost £399

The Methylation report 

Methylation is a simple biochemical process occurring in the cells of the body, millions of times a second. The body is like a well oiled machine with gears and switches. Methylation is the mechanism that keeps those switches and gears going. Optimal methylation results in  a good immune response; toxins being removed from the body; energy being produced as needed; good mental health and a well functioning heart and blood circulation. 

This report contains a huge amount of information. It details many gene variants (SNP’s), which tell how your body produces energy - the basis of all body processes.