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“If you know your DNA story then you can make better choices to support your health”

Having a DNA test suggests how your body might respond to food. It can give you information about your personal nutrient needs, food intolerances, or possible allergic responses. A DNA test may even suggest predispositions to health conditions and ways to avoid them.

It only has to be done once. A DNA test doesn’t change. Whereas blood, hair, or urine tests only reflect what is happening in your body at a moment in time. The DNA test involves a cheek swab, which is then analysed in the laboratory. Your follow up consultation with me will involve a discussion about diet and lifestyle support for your unique DNA story.

Learn more about yourself and why you do what you do. Choose from my DNA health packages, or contact me for a bespoke package chosen to suit you as an individual. I offer further coaching sessions if needed to help you along your journey to better health.

To support your health I offer suggestions to add foods to your diet; eat more of certain foods; pair certain foods with others; use a food based supplement; take herbs; find ways to include herbs in your diet; change certain behaviours associated with your eating patterns and lifestyle.

Nutrigenomics is the way forward to personalise your diet. Environment plays a huge part in how your genes are expressed. If you know what gene variations you carry then you can use the environment in which you live to support your weaknesses and optimise your strengths. Using nutrients that support your genes and the bacteria in your gut (the microbiome) it is possible to have more years of health (health span). Don’t let chronic conditions define your life!